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Dr Keeper L. SHARKEY



Dr. Keeper L. Sharkey is a quantum chemist and machine learning consultant working through ODE, L3C ( which she founded in December of 2018. ODE is a social enterprise serving through quantum science, technology, and research (qSTAR) and her mission is to change the world by solving out-of-reach energy and chemistry problems with QLEAN™; Quantum Learned Electrons And Nuclei ( As a USA National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellow, she completed her PhD in Chemical Physics (2015) also from University of Arizona. She holds a BS in both mathematics and chemistry also from the University of Arizona (2010). During her academic career at UA, she published 26 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. She has been cited over 300 times, her publication H-index is 10 (i10-index is also 10), and she has been serving as a peer-reviewer of reputed Journals. Her postdoctoral faculty appointment at Washington State University in 2016/17 was focused on deriving algorithms for learning physical properties of metallic hydrogen. She has also spent time as a research analyst and data scientist machine learning sequential marketing programs in the insurance and FinTech sector. She is highly interested in applying her expertise of atomic and molecular quantum physics to Decision Intelligence as well as contributing to the chemical design of quantum computers and integrated circuits. This spring (April-May) she is conducting market research in the NSF’s Innovation Corporations (I-Corps™) program.

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