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Building a Quantum-Safe Roadmap

Cybersecurity trends, challenges and opportunities

The growth of quantum computers and the advancement of computing technology, will fundamentally transform the data protection market, and companies like QuintessenceLabs is ready and able to address the associated data protection challenge.

The critical issues we have long championed—encrypting sensitive data at enterprise-scale and preparing for a quantum-safe cybersecurity posture—are now on the radar of corporate boards and increasingly on the technology roadmap of many senior executives today.

What are quantum computers?: Very different to traditional computers, they leverage quantum properties to provide tremendous processing power that will transform science and technology. Quantum computers will be able to handle highly complex calculations in a fraction of the time required by today’s best supercomputers.

Security impact: While exciting, this future has a dark side.They represent a serious threat to encryption, most of all key exchange algorithms, breaking them in seconds instead of thousands of years. No alternative algorithms have been approved.

We see quantum resistance as a four-pillar approach, with parts of those pillars available to be put to use today as enterprises lay the foundations for our quantum future.

  • Use full-entropy, true random numbers
  • Use longer keys for symmetric encryption
  • Integrate new encryption algorithms in a crypto-agile environment
  • Protect key exchange using key wrapping and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

The security threat of quantum computers is very real and actions need to be take soon both to protect sensitive data from future attacks, and more immediately, to secure it from harvesting attacks that intercept it and store if for later decryption by a quantum computer.

The good news is that multiple facets of quantum resistant cybersecurity are already available – and thoughtful systematic implementation of our three pillars can effectively keep an organization’s business strong and operating for the long term

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