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Q&A with Andersen Cheng, CEO Post-Quantum

Par Andersen Cheng, CEO at Post-Quantum   We caught up with Andersen Cheng, CEO at Post-Quantum about the threat posed by quantum computers, developments in quantum-safe encryption and his view on how best to prepare.

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Increasing creativity and productiveness when creating quantum algorithms

par Dr. Yehuda Naveh, co-founder and CTO at Classiq We at Classiq just announced our round A funding, so we thought it is a good opportunity to say what we are doing and how we are helping quantum algorithm designers do their work more efficiently and more creatively. Or in other words, how to have

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Towards an application-oriented measurement of quantum hardware performances

par Xavier Geoffret – Quantum Computing pre-sale leader, Atos Research on Quantum Computing hardware is developing very fast over numerous technological approaches. Over the past few months, there have been frequent announcements stating major performance breakthroughs for superconducting qubits and trapped-ion-based platforms, but many other paths are being explored such as cold atoms, photonics or

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