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Demo Sessions – March 16th 2021

Room 1

  • Cryogenics for Quantum computing

    09h00 - 09h30

    In this session, Dr. Harriet van der Vliet will share an introduction into the products designed by Oxford Instruments NanoScience for the quantum computing industry. Harriet will highlight key features, specifically Oxford Instruments’ Secondary Insert capabilities; fast sample exchange, and its innovative software feature set. She will review its suitability for quantum computing applications and scale up. In addition, Harriet will also introduce a new larger Proteox system which is perfect for today’s qubit scale-up applications.

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  • QAssign: Quantum Enhanced High Performance Workload Scheduling

    09h30 - 10h00

    High performance computing (HPC) relies on solving many known-hard computational tasks to efficiently schedule massive workloads onto many distinct CPUs and GPUs. QAssign is a quantum computing application that computes an optimal mapping for a component of SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management), the most popular HPC open-source resource management framework. With this demo, we go through an introduction to HPC scheduling and understand QAssign’s novel approach to solving it and explore how it allows the user to setup and solve their own custom use case.

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  • Building Security Resilience for a Quantum World

    10h00 - 10h30


    - John LEISEBOER, CTO @QuintessenceLabs

    John Leiseboer is founding CTO at QuintessenceLabs Pty Ltd, and is responsible for the research, design, and development of key management, comsec, and infosec products.  He is a member of the OASIS KMIP and PKCS11 Technical Committees, and has contributed to the development of NIST, IETF, and IEEE standards, including SP 800-90B and C, and IEEE 802.6.  

    John has worked in the fields of communications and information security for over thirty-five years, designing and architecting commercial and military communications and information security hardware, software, and systems.  He has experience in applying conventional, classical cryptography as well as leading-edge quantum key distribution technology to innovative security product designs.

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  • Shaping the future of quantum software

    10h30 - 11h00
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  • From a Grain of Sand to a Quantum Bit: Advances in Qubit Design and Control

    11h00 - 11h30

    At Intel’s recent ‘Labs Day’, our quantum researchers shared more information on Intel’s perspective on what it will take to achieve “Quantum Practicality.”  This workshop is an opportunity to catch up on how Intel is seeing the path towards the practical reality of Quantum computing

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  • Quantum computers will change the hacking game but we can change the rules with biometric identity

    11h30 - 12h00

    Attend this session to:

    • Understand why identity should be considered uniquely when planning for a quantum-safe ecosystem
    • Discuss the use of biometrics as your best first defense against unauthorised access

    - Philip Black, Commercial Director;
    - Christopher Arnold, Strategic Business Development

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  • A 12-mode universal quantum photonic processor

    12h00 - 12h30

    Quantum photonic processors are the central piece of hardware of quantum photonic computational devices that hold great promises for, e.g., Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Chemistry and Machine Learning. Thanks to our low-loss, fully-reconfigurable and plug-and-play technology based on Silicon Nitride waveguides we have built the largest quantum photonic processor to date. We present here our 12-mode universal quantum photonic processor providing high-fidelity operations and we give an overview of our technology and products.

    • Caterina TABALLIONE Quantum System Engineer QuiX
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  • Quantum advantaged with fewer qubits

    12h30 - 13h00

    Why should Quantum Computers be confined to the cloud? Diamond promises quantum computers that are smaller than a lunchbox but outperform a supercomputer. Join the workshop to learn and discover the future for edge quantum computing (satellite, hospitals, offices) and massively parallelised (supercomputing, chemistry) quantum computing applications.

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  • Hybrid Quantum Devices For Robust Qubsits

    13h00 - 13h30
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  • IQM Quantum Computers

    13h30 - 14h00
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  • Room 1
  • Migrating the Nomidio Identity Cloud to Post-Quantum cryptography

    14h00 - 14h30

    Attend this session to:

    • Understand the role of crypto-agility in Nomidio Identity Cloud
    • Learn how we have migrated critical components of Nomidio’s infrastructure for post-quantum readiness

    - CJ Tjhai, CTO
    - Philip Black, Commercial Director
    - Christopher Arnold, Strategic Business Development

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  • Quantum Computing for Combinatorial Optimization

    14h30 - 15h00

    Combinatorial optimization problems have a critical impact on all industries: from smart grids management to portfolio optimization or logistics. Most of them are NP-complete and are thus hard to address both accurately and rapidly using classical optimization tools like exact solvers or heuristics. Quantum Computing could bring more efficient resolution methods for these problems.

    Xavier Geoffret, Quantum Computing pre-sale leader and Sabine Keravel, Quantum product manager will elaborate on how Atos can support organizations in exploring new resolutions path for their optimization use cases using two different approaches: gate-based Quantum Computing and Quantum Annealing.

    They will provide an overview of a practical optimization workflow relying on the Atos Quantum Learning Machine’s main features: a universal and accessible programming environment, hardware constraint optimizers, advanced noisy and noiseless simulation capabilities.

    • Xavier GEOFFRET Quantum Computing pre-sale leader ATOS
    • Laurence GREDAI Quantum Product Manager ATOS
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  • Cadmium

    15h00 - 15h30
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  • Qilimanjaro's Coherent Quantum Annealing for real-world use cases

    15h30 - 16h00

    Adiabatic quantum computing is able to solve complex optimization problems. Qilimanjaro's approach to adiabatic quantum computing ensures coherence of the quantum states during the computation. This provides for a natural error protection mechanism, allowing the application of Qilimanjaro's quantum hardware to interesting problems even with a reduced number of qubits. Interesting use cases of this technology for problem optimization in business applications will be presented.

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  • Quantum Technologies at VTT

    16h00 - 16h30

    Quantum technologies are the next disruptive ICT innovation. The explosive growth of IoT devices and the enormous volume of data generated globally over the last decade lead to a need for better solutions in devices and in computation. Quantum technologies provide potential solution for better, smaller, cheaper devices and faster, efficient computation through Quantum computers. At VTT and Finland we develop devices and sensors for Quantum 2.0 and are also engaged in developing and building scalable quantum computers. Finland is already making strategic investments with a pragmatic approach to Quantum technologies. In my talk I’ll showcase some of the ongoing activities at VTT and Finland and talk about our strategic path towards a quantum revolution.

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  • Trapped Ion Quantum Computing

    16h30 - 17h00
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  • Quantum randomness ready for deployment

    17h00 - 17h30

    Randomness is essential in a wide range of IT applications, including cybersecurity and computation. Join us and hear from two distinguished guests about the successful deployment of Quside's quantum randomness modules in two practical cases. In this session, Denis Mandich, CTO from Qrypt Inc., and Fernando de la Iglesia, from Telefonica, will tell us about their experiences and offerings. We are looking forward to hearing your questions!

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  • How to scale-up cryogeny for large-scale quantum computing?

    17h30 - 18h00
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