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QuantumNet is the first innovative start-up based in Naples and Aosta (Italy), that focuses on software solutions involving quantum computing, going from theoretical development to the application for real-world problems. Our company was founded in 2021, thanks to the collaboration between the engineering consulting firm NetCom Group and the professors and researchers of Federico II University of Naples. Such partnership is one of our greatest assets, as it allows us to combine the strengths of both industry and academia and harness them to play a significant role in the growing quantum ecosystem. Our activities can be described by two key words: research and education. As a research group, we draw our attention to complex problems that require enormous time and technical resources to be addressed when only classical devices are used. These problems can be related to a variety of fields, ranging from Optimization to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Transport and Cybersecurity. We analyze classical algorithms searching for specific tasks that are “classically hard” but “quantumly easy”. We then develop a quantum-classical formulation of the algorithm and assess its efficiency by applying it to real-world use cases. As for education, our contribution translates into providing one of the most important resources for the quantum community: people. In October 2022, we launched the first Italian Quantum Computing Academy. By producing educational material and hands-on laboratories, we are committed to training a workforce of new professional profiles that the quantum technologies industry is going to need in the next few years.



Alfredo MASSA
Alfredo MASSA Quantum Computing Scientist Quantumnet
Alfredo TROIANO Chief Technical Officer Quantumnet


Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence: towards real world applications

Workshop Quantum computers Quantum machine learning Algorithms
09/26/2023 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Workshop QBE