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Quantum computing solutions for cloud access and on-premise use

Par Thomas MONZ, Co-founder & CEO, AQT

The past three years have been quite a ride for us at AQT … and we’ve not had any opportunity to speak about our journey through such a busy time.  Hence, the QBE 2021 is a great platform for us to finally introduce ourselves properly and to give you a brief overview of the approach we have chosen to tackle the challenges of quantum computing hardware development.

Our goal at AQT is to get quantum technologies out of the laboratory environment and turn them into everyday products. Our vision is a quantum computer that is installed in normal IT infrastructure and can be readily operated from any PC or laptop. For this, we’ve established a highly skilled and motivated group of professionals with some combined decades of experience in the field of quantum information processing to make this vision become reality.

Meet our ion trap quantum computer

At AQT we develop quantum computers that are based on the individual manipulation of trapped ions. Our systems operate at room temperature, fit inside industry-standard 19-inch racks and are powered by regular wall-mounted power plugs, all of which makes them perfect for integration into existing IT infrastructures.

Our efforts to establish standards for connecting quantum and classical IT were only recently recognized with the Living Standards Award by Austrian Standards.

But can our compact systems compete and surpass the capabilities of state-of-the-art laboratory quantum computers? They can: In cooperation with the University of Innsbruck and the AQTION Project, a quantum computing system akin to the commercial system developed and distributed by  AQT was used to demonstrate a maximally entangled state of 24 ions, which was published in a preprint in January and constitutes the largest entangled state presented to date.

Strong software partnerships

Quantum computing thrives on a healthy and growing quantum eco system, including hardware, software, access-providers, standardization efforts to enable end-users to compare solutions, and much more. We fully understand that offering our hardware or access to our hardware is not enough – neither for us, nor for early adapters. This is why we have formed strategic partnerships with some of the leading quantum software firms. They help us bridge this gap and offer software solutions for our customers that can readily be implemented on an AQT ion-trap quantum computer.

Most recently, AQT started working with Multiverse Computing, a quantum world-leading in quantum and quantum-inspired computing for finance. Our other strategic partnerships include a cooperation with HQS Quantum Simulations, a quantum software firm focusing on quantum chemistry and computer-aided materials design, and a collaboration with JoS Quantum in the fields of finance, insurance, and energy.

Furthermore, our quantum hardware is supported as a backend by CQC’s t|ket⟩, Google’s Cirq, IBM’s Qiskit and the Xanadu Pennylane framework

Working with our partners is something we tremendously enjoy. It is wonderful to know that so many people out there share our passion for creating world-leading quantum technologies to address real-world issues and to really make a difference, now and in the future.

Both on premise and in the cloud

Our quantum hardware is designed to be self-contained and low maintenance. Combined with its readiness to be integrated into existing IT infrastructures, our quantum computing systems are perfect for on-premise deployment to our customers.

In addition, we also offer cloud access to our quantum computers, so that clients can test, benchmark, and optimize their applications on our hardware. This is also an important testbed for quantum algorithm developers.

Further, through the offer of our quantum computing modules, several researcher groups already use AQT devices for their own research and development and appreciate the head start we give them by proving them with top-notch ion trap technology.

I hope I have made you curious about our work and the solutions we bring to your problems. There is a lot more to come in the future. Please feel free to reach out anytime to discuss how we can help your cause.

Cheers from the Tirolean mountains,

Thomas & the entire team at AQT

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