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Andersen CHENG



A computer auditor by training, Andersen was head of head of credit risk at JP Morgan, Head of LabMorgan (FinTech incubator) and also Head of the Carlyle Group’s European private equity operations. More recently, Andersen ran TRL a provider of ultra-secure solutions to government – TRL was subsequently sold to L3 the US Defense Group.

10 years ago Andersen established Post-Quantum, a start-up working to develop encryption capable of withstanding a quantum attack, and the firm is a frontrunner in NISTs global competition to identify an open source cryptographic standard to replace RSA and Elliptic Curve for public-key cryptography. Most recently, using many of Post-Quantum’s R&D innovations, Andersen founded Nomidio, a SaaS based biometric authentication and verification business that works with the likes of Hitachi Capital to deliver ‘quantum-ready’ identity solutions.

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