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Product Segment Manager of Quantum Technologies


Harriet van der Vliet is a product manager at Oxford Instruments, having previously been a quantum engineer in the NPI team for over 3 years. Prior to this she received her PhD in quantum physics, specialising in current sensing noise thermometry and ultralow temperature engineering, from Royal Holloway, University of London’s Quantum Fluids and Solids group.

Harriet has been a key member of the engineering team behind the QMiCS – Quantum Microwave Communications and Sensing, quantum flagship project, where Oxford Instruments successfully built a 6.6 m cryogenic link between two dilution refrigerators, cooled by an intermediate Cold Network Node.

Oxford Instruments is a leading provider of high technology products and services to the world’s leading industrial companies and scientific research communities to image, analyse and manipulate materials down to the atomic and molecular level.

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