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Dr Philipp HARBACH

Head of In Silico Research


Dr. Philipp Harbach has a PhD in theoretical chemistry from the University of Heidelberg and is the Head of In Silico Research in Merck’s Enterprise Data Office where he focuses on the digitalization of development and production processes with the help of modern computational modelling and data analytics methods. He is specifically interested in the application of quantum mechanical methods to industrial chemistry problems and is also leading first initiatives to adapt these algorithms to near-term available quantum computers.

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Eleni Diamanti is a CNRS researcher director at the LIP6 laboratory of Sorbonne University in Paris. She received her Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 2000 and her PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2006. She then worked as a Marie Curie post-doc at the Institute of Optics Graduate School in Palaiseau before joining the CNRS in 2009. Her research focuses on experimental quantum cryptography and communication complexity, and on the development of photonic resources for quantum networks. She is a recipient of a European Research Council Starting Grant, vice director of the Paris Centre for Quantum Computing, steering committee member of the French regional and national networks on Quantum Technologies, and elected member of the Board of Stakeholders of the European Public Private Partnership in Photonics. 

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