Quantum-inspired network protocols : Theory and Practice

Workshop Cryptography Cyber-security Quantum Cyber-Security Quantum networks Software

2023-09-25 | 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM | Workshop QBE


Quantum communication networks bear the promis of a revolution in information processing and more specifically in cybersecurity. While quantum key distribution only require to prepare, send and measure single qubit states, the end-nodes of future quantum networks will be equiped with quantum memories to store the states, sources of entangled states, or small units of fault-tolerant quantum computing. It is well known that as soon as quantum processing hardware will be available and integrated to quantum networks, new tasks such for Unclonable cryptography, confidential computing, or secure access to quantum cloud computers will become available. Until this hardware is available, users can only access simulated versions of these protocols, who can not offer the security guarantees that follow the use of quantum resources.

In this workshop, we will present an experiment of secure simulation of quantum protocols. Using hardware based security modules, our solution can enforce logically the laws of physics that rule quantum information processing. Using this solution, we are able to run protocols inspired by quantum physics (or quantum-inspired protocols) with a provable security.

After presenting the principle of our solution, we will demonstrate how to run it in practice on an appropriate network. We will finish by discussing the potential applications, and how they go much beyond current the state-of-the-art of classical cybersecurity.



Chinte LIAO